However you say it, homebrew or home brew, we do it. Based on the North Shore of Long Island, New York, we’ve been brewing small batches of beer in kitchens for over ten years. Over these years a hobby has turned into a passion. We want to spread the joy of brewing your own beer. From clubs to individuals, home brewing is enjoyed by thousands of people right here on Long Island. Each year more and more people brew their own beer. Even with all this interest, there are still people out there on the edge, waiting to jump in. Oldfield Home Brewing Company is here to help with that leap.
Our motto is:
“Bringing the world
better beer,
one batch at a time.”

Answer these simple questions to find out if the
Oldfield Home Brewing Company can help you:
1) Have you always
wanted to brew
your own beer,
but didn't want
to buy all the
2) Have you bought
(or received as a gift) a home brewing kit, followed all the instructions, and wound up with
undrinkable swill?
3) Do you want to
give someone (your Father, your Brother, your Aunt Olga)a really great, one of a kind gift?
4) Do you want to have a few friends over for a party they'll never forget?  
If you answered yes to any (or all) of these questions,
call us now to schedule a home brewing party with
The Oldfield Home Brewing Company. It's usually cheaper
than a kid's birthday party, and a helluva lot more fun.

Your basic* home brewing party includes:
1) An experienced home brewer to walk you through the entire home brewing process right in your own kitchen. 2) Everything you need to brew your choice of beer, brought to your home on the night of the party. 3)

The choice of brewing four different styles:
Porter, Oktoberfest, Scotch Ale,
Pale Ale.
4) The aging, bottling, and delivery of the finest home brewed beer possible. 5) A free
Oldfield Home Brewing Company t-shirt.
*upgrades are available.

Dates for the Summer and Fall are filling up quickly.
Call or email for: pricing, availability, or questions.

Since you've taken the time to read this. You might be asking, "What’s with the bare-bones web site?" We enjoy brewing beer more than designing web sites. Between batches of home brew we'll work on upgrading the site. © 2009 OldfieldHomeBrewingCompany.